new patchwork beta

We've had a new version of patchwork - the web-based patch-tracking system - online for a few weeks now at

2.6.26 on a Lenovo x61 thinkpad

It looks like the iwl driver is slightly broken in the 2.6.26 release - connections will drop-out after 10 seconds or so.

asynchronous spu contexts, initial designs

I've recently been working on some changes to the spufs code, and thought I'd write-up some of the details.

debian on a qs22 cell blade

Seeing as the QS22 blades are out, here's a short guide to getting debian installed. hackfest: the solution, part three

In part two of this series, we had just ported a fractal renderer to the SPEs on a Cell Broadband Engine machine. Now we're going to start the optimisation...

qs22 released

The next revision of IBM Cell Broadband Engine machines has just been released - the QS22 blade. The QS22 has five-times the double-precision floating point performance of the previous Cell blade (the QS21), but is instruction-set compatible. This is also the first Cell/B.E. machine to use DDR2 memory, and can hold up to 32GB. hackfest: the solution, part two

In the last article we finished with a SPE-based fractal renderer, but with a limited maximum fractal size of 64 × 64 pixels: hackfest: the solution, part one

During 2008, a bunch of us ozlabbers ran the hackfest - a programming competition for conference attendees. This year's task was to optimise a fractal generation program to run on the Cell Broadband Engine - the hackfest task description is still available if you want to take a squiz.

spufs git tree on

After going through the magical approval process, I now have a spufs git tree published on 2008 hackfest

As a few people have asked about the original task, I've put up an archive of the 2008 hackfest site.