patchwork 0.5

Patchwork, the web-based patch-tracking system has just reached version 0.5. This release adds a few new features, mostly requested from non-maskable sources. Some noteable items from the changelog:

petitboot released

Last week, Ben and I collected a bunch of open source projects:

put them in a blender, added a few lines of our own code, and came up with: 2007 hackfest notes

With the help of the folks here from OzLabs, I coordinated the hackfest. I thought it'd be neat to post a few notes on the questions, as well as some approaches that we liked.

bitfield 0.2

After unprecedented (unprecedented I tell you!) interest from the initial post about the register-decoding utility bitfield, there is now another release available.


I haven't been updating the 'blog much lately, mainly due to a bunch of recent Linux-on-Cell work.

bitfield - utility for decoding register values

Over the past few months, I've been using bitfield - a script to decode the fields within a register. It does neat stuff like this:

[jk@pokey ~]$ bitfield IOC_PTE 0xb80000000140031c
decoding as Cell IOMMU Page table entry
0xb80000000140031c [13258597302999712540]
   Page protection: 0x2 [write]
Coherence required: 0x1
  Storage ordering: 0x3 [reads & writes]
               RPN: 0x1400
              IOID: 0x31c


take careful note

put your coding pants on...

... because the 2006 hackfest is coming up soon.

kopete meanwhile changes committed

I've recently been working on a few changes to the Kopete Meanwhile Protocol Plugin, which allows you to use Kopete, the KDE instant messenger client, to connect to Lotus Sametime servers. The update has now been committed to the development branch of Kopete, and should find its way into to the main KDE 3.5 tree soon.