After unprecedented (unprecedented I tell you!) interest from the initial post about the register-decoding utility bitfield, there is now another release available.

From the changelog:

  • Add support for aliased definitions.
  • Add support for non-contiguous bitfields
  • Allow progressive parsing of stdin
  • Add -n option to print only non-zero fields
  • Add support for multiple config files & directories
  • Debianize
  • Add bash completion definitions
  • Add vim syntax highlighting definition
  • Add configuration files for powerpc and cell
  • More error checking
Also, Mikey has been a total champion and put together some .deb packages. If completely untested software is more your cup of tea, then you can access the git repository directly.

More information and downloads on the bitfield project page.

The plan for the next version of bitfield is to add lots more register definitions, so feel free to send your configuration files to me (and thanks to those who already have!).