Anton discovers (edited for brevity):

         * topic is
   <anton> hello world!
      <jk> anton!
<hughhalf> Hey everyone, where is Anton ?
   <anton> hughhalf! jk!
   <anton> hahaha, just read the subject :)
<hughhalf> yeah, jk got bored on Thursday arvo
      <jk> and have you seen the site? :D
   <anton> whoa!
   <anton> and its correct!
    <tpot> woot
<hughhalf> Yep, automagically updates from itinerary data
   <anton> oh wow
<hughhalf> not that we'd condone such a flagrant mis-use of personal information of course
   <anton> hey even i could use that
   <kelly> anton: feeling special?
   <anton> kelly, im just glad im no longer lost